Hi there - I’m Kris.

In 2018, as a twenty-something, post-grad millennial I was four years into life in the “real world” when I began to experience what some might call a quarter-life crisis. Everything in my life was seemingly in order - as a Tech Consultant in the DC area, I was well on my way to building a successful corporate career, my romantic relationship with my roommate (and soon to be fiance!) was thriving, and my social calendar was chock full of weekend plans with friends and family.

And yet, I felt an overwhelming sense of complacency. I yearned for more...more passion, more excitement, more satisfaction, and more happiness in the day-to-day. Turns out, so did my partner. In the fall of 2018, we pursued an opportunity to take some time off work and began teaching English to secondary students in Northern Thailand. If I’ve learned anything thus far in my time on this planet, it’s that life is not set in stone. There are endless paths available to you if you remain curiously open about the possibilities of your life.

I created The Curious Dabbler as my digital haven - a space to share my triumphs, challenges, opinions, and experiences as I curiously dabble my way through life in Thailand and beyond. My hope is that my stories bring you comfort, laughter, inspiration, and community. But most importantly, I hope you find bits of yourself woven throughout these words and that perhaps you consider joining me for the ride.